Colourbeat Mobile


This initial rebrand expanded into an exponentially larger project. While Colourbeat ventures down several avenues from making videos to djing events, the mobile app was solely designed for the recurring events their clients would experience with them. In this case, I wanted to develop an app for their dance classes. From group classes, private lessons, and training clients to become instructors themselves, they needed a place for their clients to easily find those options.

Creating a prototype

On the right you can play with a prototype of the potential flow I designed. I wanted to categorize or filter the choices for the user in a three tiered heirarchy.

First we needed to know what type of lesson the user was looking for. A private class would be then again filtered by available times. A group class has a few more options depending on the class type one is looking to take.

It was more important to prioritize the class type filter within the group class tab because the dance styles can vary greatly and many people looking to use this app already know the class type they are looking to take.

Unlike the website, this app is solely for users that are familiar with Colourbeat already. It is purely a supplemental scheduling tool.