Brand Identity

Colourbeat provides a new approach on how to interpret and incorporate health and fitness. They were looking for an impression that was clean and simple, yet powerful and scalable. Naturally, I worked on several iterations to achieve this idea. Dance, music, and movement are core focuses of the company, so i wanted to incorporate those ideas into the logo. I also broadened the scope of the brand out with mockups in print and web to relay the potential for it’s usage.

Concept and direction

The disco dance floor squares initially stemmed from a concept on dance steps, and mid-century illustrations for lessons. The steps themselves were too literal, and because the goal of Colourbeat is to create a movement through movement, they needed a logo that went beyond solely it’s surface appearance. Time signatures and beats were a secondary notion of the logo design and the reason for four squares. The third misaligned square, or perhaps the “coloured beat,” represents an accent, and a means of standing out amid the rest. The logo is a strong, bold collective and each individual is supported by the whole.